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All homes fall in Flood Zone "C"

Recent action by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) cleared up a problem for some Sutters Landing homeowners who purchased homes from the orignal owners, or who have refinanced. FEMA has designated all lots in Sutters Landing as lying in Flood Zone C.

After reviewing FEMA flood maps, lenders had been requiring certain Sutters Landing homeowners to purchase flood insurance in order to purchase or refinance their homes.

Thirty-three of Sutters Landing's 107 lots were sold to the original buyers under an interim agreement between the builder and FEMA. The lots were understood at the time of sale to be of high enough elevation to qualify for Flood Zone C designation.

But due to a glitch in the paperwork, the 33 lots failed to be placed in Flood Zone C on the FEMA maps that are used by lenders to determine a home's flood zone status.

In a letter to Russell L. Lambert, Bureau of Investigative Services, Waldemar F. Kissel, president of Cameo Development, indicated FEMA had removed the designated structures on the affected lots into a non-flood classification. (Cameo Development built all of the homes in Sutters Landing.)

"Now all houses in Sutters Landing should be listed in Flood Zone C," he wrote. "As people refinance or sell homes, they need a survey and the surveyor should have FEMA maps and records to check flood zone status or know the number to call for that information,"

The homeowners association has mailed copies of the FEMA "Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill Determination" document to all affected homeowners.

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